• "Thank you so much for ringing and letting me know how it went with Jake and Biccy. I was really impressed when I used your place when Jake was groomed and once again the service has been excellent."
    ~ Lynn Glanville, Jake and Biscuit
  • "I don't know what we'd do without Doggy Days. Harley has a marvellous time each day. She loves playing in the sandpit and playing ball and chase with the other dogs. She adores all the cuddles and attention she gets from all of the staff ...... basically she thoroughly enjoys her weekdays at the Creche! It's so convenient to be able to drop her off on the way to work, pick her up on the way home and know that she has had care, attention and stimulation all day long from people who really care about the dogs they look after. It's a highlight of the day to read her report card and find out if she's been playing "find the treat" in the shredded paper or been in the sandpit with one of her dog friends. It's also invaluable to know how she's been feeling during the day and if there are any upset tummy's to watch out for! She is really relaxed and has lots of options of where to be and who she wants to play with. There is the main play area where she enjoys ball games, or sometimes she prefers the quiet area of the crèche with just a few of the dogs. Finally, there is always her own little pen with her bed in if she feels like a bit of nap - although nine times out often the naps seem to happen on someone's knee! It is testament to the devotion of the staff to know that every dog, literally(!), has it's day. The birthdays of each of the dogs are celebrated with party games like "musical sits" and "Simon says" and extra treats really make the day special. On a day to day basis however, the variety of care offered is also superb and includes additional services such as grooming and continuation of training that you start at home. It is also of comfort to know that if Harley is taking tablets of any sort, we can rely on the staff to keep a close eye on her and give her tablets during the day along with her lunch. Overall, Harley is a 'Doggy Days' addict and looks forward to her daily visits ...... and so do we since she comes home every evening ready for a BIG sleep!"
    ~ Xanthe and Harley
  • "Thank you Doggy Days staff for looking after my precious boy. It is so reassuring knowing he is in good hands - having 'fun time' at Doggy Days."
    ~ Margaret and Zak


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