Is your dog bored? Do you need a way to keep them entertained while you stay safe at home? We can help!

Like humans, dogs need mental challenge as well as physical activity for well being. Teaching your dog tricks is a great way to combine learning new things with a bit of physical activity so you both benefit.

We’ve teamed up with Certified Professional Dog Trainer Robin Bennett to offer you online access to 35 video tutorials, teaching 15 different tricks to keep you & your dog busy during these strange times.

Tricks include
• The basics (sit, down, name game, stay)
• Kennel up
• Shake
• Spin
• Roll over/play dead
• Go to mat
• Platform training
• Leave it
• Drop it
• Peekaboo
• Muffin tin game
• Ring the bell
• Back up
• Weave between legs
• Say your prayers
• Jump through arms

ALL FOR THE GREAT PRICE OF £50.00 (RRP – £80.00)

The course is fully supported by The Dog Gurus and uses only positive reward based training methods.

Email or more details or to enroll.