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    Here are some answers to frequently asked questions, which we hope will help you to understand what we do and how we can help you.  If you do not find the answer to your question here, please contact us.

    1. What is Doggy Days Crèche? Doggy Days is an excellent place for dogs to have fun expending some of their energy, as well as being mentally stimulated and physically exercised. Whether you have a pup or an older dog, you can be sure they will learn to socialise in a safe and controlled environment. It’s a little like a day nursery for children!
    2. Who are you? The Doggy Days team are a bunch of dedicated folk, who work very hard to ensure your precious pet has a great time while they are with us. We are all dog owners and we understand that they are without question an important part of your family. Because we understand that bond, you can be assured that we always have your dogs best interests at heart, so whilst they will definitely have fun, they will also be safe.
    3. How do you know what dogs need? Our managing director, Paula, has more than 12 years of experience with dogs at crèche and understands their behaviours and needs. Our staff are trained to understand dogs behaviour and this means that we can meet the needs of individual dogs and of course help them to have fun!  At Doggy Days, we always take the dogs emotional state into account, that’s what makes us different.
    4. What do dogs do in crèche? We ensure that primarily, dogs have fun. This can include indoor activities such as agility and group play. We also stimulate their minds with games and puzzles.  From an outdoor perspective dogs get walks and sometimes we have “school trips” to local outdoor venues such as Northumberlandia and sometimes the beach, or woods.  All activity is based on your dogs capability so you can be sure they are doing what is good for them, but never too much.
    5. How do we begin? Normally, you can book your dog in to crèche over the phone. Our team will discuss your dog with you and agree a time when your dog can join us (we only take one new dog at a time to ensure we can provide the individual attention your dog will need at this stage). We will ask you lots of questions about your dog so we can get to know them better right at the word go.
    6. Why do you have a 40 hour assessment period, this seems a lot? When a dog first joins the group they will get one to one attention from a member of staff who will spend time getting to know them before introducing them to other dogs. We begin introductions with dogs which interact with others calmly – this is a great first step. Gradually we introduce other dogs, constantly monitoring how everyone is behaving.  Over a period of 40 hours, your dog will be introduced to and become used to every dog in the crèche so they can all have fun together in a safe way.If your dog has problems such as nervousness or other difficulties, we will suggest a special assessment with a senior member of the team who will meet you and your dog and discuss a way forward.  This special assessment will involve you, so you will need to allow time for this if this is suggested for your dog.
    7. Why does the assessment period cost more? The level of input from the team described above does cost more, but hopefully you agree with us that the safety of everyone is paramount; as such this is an important part of our process and indeed is central to our ethos.
    8. Do all crèches and dog walkers do this? No, sadly some assess very briefly and then let the dogs sort themselves out – this is clearly cheaper and less time consuming, but we do not think it is either safe, or appropriate. As we said earlier, a dogs emotional wellbeing is important and at Doggy Days, we make sure this is taken into account, where others may not.
    9. How will I know how my dog is doing? Each dog on assessment will receive a “School report”, detailing who they have met, what they have done and how they got along. They get this on each visit so you can see how they are progressing. You can of course ask us questions about how your dog is getting along whenever you like.In addition, we often post images on Facebook of the day to day activities in the crèche, so you may spot your little buddy posing for the camera!
    10. Do you do dog grooming? Yes, we do dog grooming in our on-site salon. Your dog can be groomed while they are with us in the crèche or on a separate occasion, whatever suits you best. The salon is relaxed and stress-free so your dog will be comfortable with us – we never use harsh techniques, even with “difficult” dogs – patience is the key.
    11. What do you offer? Our grooming team can style your dog to your preference – just ask when you bring them in. We do everything from a simple bath an brush, right up to a “Luxury groom” for a special occasion, such as a wedding or other event. If you have questions please get in touch.
    12. Do you groom puppies? Yes, we offer a “puppy mini groom”, which is an ideal introduction to grooming for your little one. A warm bath, gentle blow dry and a little trim of the important bits will ensure your puppy is clean and tidy, but is not stressed by having too much done at once. We can do this from around 12 weeks (depending on vaccination status)to about 6 months of age – after that they will probably need more as their coat will require more attention. dd_map_pin