We believe there’s something wonderful about having a dog as part of your family – the bond between a dog and their family is something very special indeed and training can enhance that bond. We want to help dogs and owners to live in harmony so that they can enjoy their lives together, as a family.

Through training, we can help develop the communication and understanding between dog and owner, which is key to building a strong and fulfilling relationship. An understanding of the emotional as well as physical needs of a dog leads to a more contented dog and a happier owner.

Our friendly training courses offer a structured progression from puppy basics through to more advanced learning and fun stuff for older dogs. Our reward based learning methods mean that dogs are treated with kindness and respect at all times and are never treated harshly. Encouragement and support are the order of the day for owners too – we want everyone to feel comfortable at Doggy Days Good Dog School.

We currently offer 6 week courses as well as Taster & Masterclass options – you can find dates of available classes on our facebook page. 

Little Woofers Puppy School

Covering all the puppy basics this 6 week course has been designed to give you the tools you need to help build a firm bond with your new arrival. It will give you both the confidence to go out into the big wide world together and explore.

Learning social skills, exploring new things and having nice manners will give your puppy a great foundation for the rest of his or her life. Our friendly classes have been created to allow puppies to learn at their own pace and we only use kind, reward based methods.

In the first session (without your puppy) you will learn a little about how dogs tick and how to make sure you are meeting your new pups emotional as well as physical needs. We share some doggy behaviour secrets to help you introduce your puppy into family life in a way which is safe for everyone.

Training includes: Sit,Stay,Recall,Walking nicely on a lead,Not jumping up,Vet/grooming/health check and more.

Classes are 1 hour 15 minutes and include structured learning, controlled socialisation along with time for questions and rest breaks for puppy.

The course is suitable for puppies under 18 weeks at the start of the course. If your puppy is older, they can join a different class.

Course length: 6 weeks of 1.25 hour sessions

Course cost £94.99 including a goody bag worth up to £10.00


Well Mannered Woofers

Who takes who for a walk?

We want to help make dog ownership the pleasure it can be, not the chore it can sometimes feel like. We can help develop the communication and understanding between dog and owner, which is key to building a strong and fulfilling relationship. We can help make walking the dog, a walk in the park.

A 6 week course designed to teach you and your dog the keystones of good doggy manners such as walking nicely on a lead, impulse control and coming back when called. Building on these foundation skills, there are two levels of achievement to work towards, however you will progress at your own dogs pace and will never be rushed or left behind.

Your dogs own progress tracker will will show you their achievements and goals for the future.Homework assignments will help you both make progress between classes.

As with all of our classes, we use only reward based learning which is kinder to your dog and gets better results.

suitable for dogs over 18 weeks.

Course length 6 weeks of 1 hour sessions
Course cost: £75.00


Wizard Woofers – tricks for dogs

Teach your dog how to problem solve – mental challenge is as important for dogs well-being as physical exercise. Help build your bond with your dog as you learn new things together. Our Wizard Woofers course will provide a challenge for your dog whilst also teaching them super cute tricks to astound your friends and family with.

Tricks include: twist, spin, play dead, weave through legs, tidy your toys, hold and more. Each trick can be adapted according to your dogs ability so that even quick learners can continue to be challenged.

The course includes a kit of training items which you can use in class and also at home. You and your dog can attend as many courses as you like building your skills for amazing results.

Some level of previous training would be advantageous, but is not necessary.

Course length: 6 week x 1 hour
Course cost: £85 (including tricks kit) £75 for subsequent courses without kit.


Worried Woofers – confidence building for dogs

A 6 week course for those dogs who need to build confidence.

Designed to help owners with dogs who may be a little nervous of new situations, new places, being groomed, visiting the vet or going on walks. Helping your dog to gain confidence can be a slow but very rewarding process.

Our one hour sessions will be long enough to make progress, but not so long as to overwhelm your dog. Group activities will give the confidence gained by doing things together, whilst individual activities will address each dogs own needs. Small group numbers means dogs will not be intimidated by a large group of other dogs.

Our aim is to help dogs overcome a minor to moderate lack of confidence NOT to fix behavioural problems or serious anxieties.

We will never force a dog into a situation they are uncomfortable with as it can make them fearful, distressed or aggressive. If we find your dog is becoming distressed with anything we are working on we will immediately stop the training and recommend a qualified behaviourist who may be able to help.

Please note this course is not suitable for dogs who have long term problems or are aggressive towards people or other dogs .

Course length: 6 x 1 hour sessions
Course cost: £100

If you are interested in attending this course, please give us a call to discuss your dogs individual needs before booking.