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About Doggy Days Creche & Grooming Salon

Doggy Days was founded in 2003, with the objective of providing a totally unique and comprehensive day care service for dog owners.  In fact, Doggy Days was the very first dog day creche in the UK.

Now, many years later our ethos that “It’s all about the dog”, still drives everything we do.  We are proud of our uniqueness, our experience and our dedication to the dogs in our care.  Our pride in what we do will hopefully reassure you that your dog will always be at the heart of everything we do.

Day Care

We are not one of the many inexperienced new businesses jumping on the dog day care bandwagon.  Neither do we offer a cheap solution to day care, grooming or training needs, but you can rest assured that your dog’s safety and well being will never be compromised for the sake of profit at Doggy Days.

Our friendly and professional staff provide a caring and sensitive approach to all of our customers, both canine and human. Your dog is a part of your family, and you will want them accorded the same treatment they would receive at home.  It can be difficult to leave your dog with us, but a “school report” will let you know exactly what they have been up to, whilst they are in our care. Our assessment process ensures that all dogs joining creche are properly assessed for the safety of everyone.  You can read more about the process by clicking here.

Grooming Salon

In our salon the team can pamper your dog to whatever level you require, from a simple muddy paws bath to a luxury groom.  Our puppy mini-groom sessions are particularly popular with owners of little paws. A gentle introduction to the art of being pampered, will ensure your little on is comfortable and happy, each and every time they visit us.


If you need dog crèche or dog grooming services, why not give us a call?


Doggy Crèche

At Doggy Days our friendly, professional staff will devote their time to providing a mentally stimulating environment for your dog to enjoy during their stay with us.

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Grooming Salon

Our grooming salon can pamper your pooch, whatever their size or needs. Our furry friends are treated with kindness and respect at all times by the grooming team.
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